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The Movie Coke Wars

rycor814 and I go to the movies at least once a week and always share a Coke Zero. I am a sipper, and he is a drinker. In another words, by the middle of the movie there's no more effin' Coke. I pick up the drink find nothing left but ice, shake it, and give him a glare for good measure. So we tried getting the biggest Coke they offer. No dice. Nothing but ice by mid-movie again. I tried getting my own Coke, but they are very expensive at the movies. Last night, we're walking to our theater when this coversation ensues:

Me: I need to teach you the fine art of sipping the Coke. You need to learn to savor the flavor, to enjoy the Coke.

R: [laughs] I don't sip, I drink.

Me: Yes, but if you sip the Coke...

R: I can't sip the Coke! I'm a man, and men DRINK Coke.

Me: [hysterical laughter] This is totally bloggable.

N.B. Ryan managed to restrain himself, and the Coke made it at least three-quarters of the way through The Hurt Locker, which, BTW, I highly recommend.


Housegreening: Update

It's been a long time coming, but here's an update to this Green Experiments entry.
Having replaced most of the light bulbs in our apartment, during the past year or so I discovered several drawbacks. First, not long after I made the switch, CFLs got widespread media attention for their mercury content and the consequent difficulties this fact poses for their safe disposal. The government has countered with their own data suggesting that CFLs, by reducing the amount of electricity used, already reduce mercury pollution and that the net mercury pollution is lower than that caused by traditional incandescent bulbs. There are also CFL recycling programs that I imagine the average consumer does not know about and is probably too unconcerned to use. In addition, not all the CFLs I installed have lasted even a year and a half. Several of my bulbs (at least five of the 12-15 installed) have already needed to be replaced. These failures have provided ample evidence against CFLs' much touted cost effectiveness. On the other hand, CFL prices have steadily declined since I purchased these bulbs, so perhaps they are now cost effective even if they don't last several years. Another drawback of CFLs is that those of the generation I purchased tend to have a delay when switched on and some even buzz. And, of course, their low light quality is annoying.
Today I ran across this article at NYTimes.com, which suggests that the incandescent bulb industry has responded to the calls to phase out its product by pioneering more efficient bulbs. I think as I begin to replace my CFLs, I will recycle them and try out the new incandescents until LEDs reach a more affordable price.


Elliptical machine set on gluteal course. About the same workout as the last time I did the elliptical.

Time: 45 minutes

Calories: 345

Distance: ???


Running log

Day 4

Same as Days 1 and 2

Distance: 1.72

Calories burned: 150

How I feel: good, I s'pose. I don't want to say it's getting easier, but I feel more confident about running. Hmm.

Running log

Day 3:

Took a break from run/walk for some cross training:

Elliptical machine set on a "Gluteal" program.

4 min warm up @ 70-80 strides per minute.

22 min workout @ 90-100 strides per minute.

4 min cool down @ 70-80 strides per minute.

Distance: ? -- Old machine only gave me total strides.

Calories burned: 212

How I feel: good. It was nice to get a steady burn going.


Running log

Day 2:

Same workout as Day 1.

Calories burned: 146 (I think this is because I used a newer machine that used my weight)

Distance: 1.65 miles (again, new machine)

Total workout time: 31 minutes

How I feel: A little sore. Today was a little harder. Don't know if it was the newer machine or just fatigue. Last night my hamstrings were kind of sore, so my lower back got stiff as well. Took two ibuprofen and it was all good.

Running journal

I've decided to try to become a runner. This morning, I started on a run/walk program with the goal of being able to run for 30 minutes at a stretch in eight weeks. Since roxana is embarking on training for a 10K run, I thought I'd post my workouts for her and anyone else on a fitness program. Here goes:

Day 1:

5 minutes warm-up, walking @ 2.5 mph on 0% incline

6 minutes walking @ 3.5 mph on 0% incline

1 minute running @ 5 mph on 0% incline

Repeated walk/run combo 2 more times

Cool down:

2 minutes @ 3.0 mph on 0% incline

3 minutes @ 2.5 mph on 0% incline

Calories burned: 131

Distance: 1.71 miles

Total workout time: 31 minutes

How I feel: good. It was easier than I expected, especially after focusing on using the correct form. I think part of the reason I thought running was so hard is that I haven't been doing it right. Always wondered why my shins hurt.

Cinematastic moment: Repo Man

It really is the small things in life

240Today I became the proud keeper of a portable electric stapler. I say keeper and not owner since it is, after all, property of DCCCD. But happy am I just to be its keeper. Introducing stapler of glory. I imagine myself frolicking through the offices and libraries of the academic world, stapling anything and everything my heart desires (up to 20 pages). Ah, the joys of academe.

Lolcat moment

Last night as soon as I got home, I filled a crystal goblet with chardonnay, ran a bath, and got in for a relaxing soak. As always, Sullivan needs to monitor me to make sure I don't drown, and Samsa comes in if he hears something that might be an unauthorized activity.

As I reclined in the tub, I wetted a finger and traversed the rim of the wine glass. I love doing that because the sound reminds me of when I used to play violin. The kitties were immediately interested. Sullivan was very pleased by the sound. He jumped up on the edge of the tub, purring and chirping, and demanded to be petted. Samsa, however, eyes as wide as saucers, stalked into the bathroom to try to discover the source of the sound. Samsa has always had a funny habit of sitting in the bathroom and staring at the toilet for no apparent reason. So, of course, he went straight for the toilet and looked around the base for the source of the sound. Then he decided the sound was coming from the bowl, and sat for several minutes with two paws on the seat staring into the water and looking as if he expected an alligator to emerge any moment.

Kittehs iz funniez.